yorkie miniaturowy MINI

500 PLN


Województwo: cały kraj / Internet
Osoba: micheal lariza
Telefon: WhatsApp +420728449398
dodano: 2019.01.04
ważne do: 2019.07.03

Szczegóły ogłoszenia:

Beautiful miniature puppies - perfect in breed.
They received excellent marks at the litter's review.
Raised very carefully, properly socialized.
A tiny anatomical structure.
Puppies very nice in their breed, perfect exterier.
Raised in a cottage, among children, cheerful, contact and friendly.
Vaccinated, dewormed - according to age - have a health book.
Each child has a PKMPR, a microchip and a layette.
They are taught to get to the mat.
You're welcome.
Breeding registered.
tel.WhatsApp +420728449398
contact directly by e-mail at micheallariza@gmail.com